⠸⠸ POEM as lyrics for Duo Music Project ⠸⠸

Once upon a time

there was an innocent Child.

There was no difference between God & Evil.

There was not Sex,
but Toys and Dolls to play.

A time to say YES.

A time not to be scared.

No Trauma.
No Neurosis.
No Pain.

Just a Child learning how to play.

After Life went on ...
Evil and God came.

It was god to sit proper.
It was bad to say yes.

The innocence was corrupted;
and so came the Pain.

The Child learnt how to hate.

The Child wanted to scape.

There were no doors until the Child grew up.

Solitude was always there.

Freedom came afterwords.

The Pain didn´t go away,
but the Threes were still there:

waiting for a Human Being
who is able to say YES and No
to this dark Human World.


Berlin, 2008.