Audio installation 01 - exhibition in Poland.

This is an interactive sound project inspired by John Cage.

THE CAGE´S BOX contains numerous objects and also acoustic and ritualistic instruments which any human being can use for producing sounds. This box will be located on a table where people can open it and try them out alone and/or with others. On the table the audience will also find a tape recorder which they will be able to use for recording their sonic experience with THE CAGE´S BOX. Some recordings will be upload after the exhibition is finished on the website´s Gallery from Gorzow, Poland.  

Audio installation 02 for two exhibitions in Poland and Portugal, 2012.

By Verónica Mota (MX)

MIND'S EYE is an interactive audio installation which researches the creative power of the human mind through sound. Since the collective concept for creative works in Poland is based on "Art as Experience" I decide to challenge the audience inviting them to take a sit, cover their eyes with a piece of silk material and listen, as a solo experience, to a 6 min. long sound work set up as a loop. After the sound journey listening focused is finished they are asked to write on a tiny book the visions, images and/or feelings such sound work evoked on them. The texts written will be published after the exhibition on a website with the MIND'S EYE audio file upload as a complete piece created by both  sound artist and audience together.

Compilation tribute to COIL

"The Haunter Of The Dark"

Track by CUBOP dedicated to COIL

Compilation release coming out in 2012.