A Psychogeographic Investigation.

Urbe utilises analogue and digital media, its main exploration focusing on the aesthetics of urban landscapes. The overall concept is the exploration of physical acoustics within the historical reflection of space.

In 2012, we began this project in Mexico as part of a collaboration with four independent audio and visual artists. As result, the project was presented at three venues: Chopo Museum in Mexico City, CEEMAS in Morelia and Laboratorio Sensorial in Guadalajara.

This year URBE is inspired mainly by the complex history of Berlin and its urban geography.

The proposals that URBE-BERLIN presents this year are based on urban histories and the constant post war geographical changes in a global context.

URBE-BERLIN is comprised of Verónica Mota, Jon Evans, Amanda Gutiérrez, Anthony Janas, Daniela Gast and Seamus O'Donnell.

This exhibition is taking place on September the 20th @ NK Project in Berlin.

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Out now:

RUINS: URBE-BERLIN tape compilation.

Works by Seamus O'donnell, Verónica Mota, Jon Evans & Anthony Janas.

To be released @ NK on the 20th.


Live presentations also in London.

24th. & 25th of September @ Tin Tabernacle 



New album - work in progress.

To be released in print format (cassette) in Winter, 2013.
Label: Urban Arts Berlin

Das Transtonale Ohrenfest

Very pleased to announced that "Nocturnal Panacea" got selected by the Queer Audio Festival taking place on the 31.08 & 01.09 in Berlin.

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Das Transtonale Ohrenfest

“Zukunft am Ostkreuz”
Laskerstraße 5 / Markgrafendamm,

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Ritualistic Noise - Sound & Dance Video

Collaborative project with Italian photographer Laura Fusato. In this project we will create an audio(noise)-dance video based on Southern Italian Tarantism.

Coceptual background:
 ESPECTRA NEGRA live @ SCHLAGSTROM Berlin, Germany, 2013.

All pictures by Ganfy Ea (Schlagstrom Report).

SCHLACHTER - Industrial (promo) track for this unique event.

Listen & buy it here:

CD compilation out now!

1. Espectra Negra - Book of TheDead

2. Dive - Power of Passion (live)

3. Imminent - Octam

4. Morgenstern - Hipsterfail

5. Dirty K - Evil Kineval

6. Esplendor Geometrico - Schlagstrom

7. Yura Yura - Zu

8. Static Plate - Atom

9. The Horrorist - Heart of Steel

10. Now Wash Your Hands - Seriously Clean

11. Praying for Oblivion - 10th incarnation OV Lord Vishnu

12. Gerechtigkeits Liga - Prince Valium

13. M.A.O - Im Sueden scheint die Sonne (viel gelber)

14. Solar Skeletons - Live Guardz Of Confusion (praha 140613)
15. MDS51 - Lecture
16. Tardive Dyskinesia - end
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