Live concert

Work in progress


To be released by Lust Vessel (Japan) in winter 2014.

Cover (Photo) by Natasha Mediator

Audio/Video project @ open studios FUNKHAUS

"Hysteria Dream"

Collaborative audio-video work by CUBOP and LYNOLEUM
shown at the FUNKHAUS in Berlin, Germany.

New printed release

CUBOP ❘ "Viva La Muerte" ❘ Archival Works Vol. 1
Tape format
C-32 Black
Limited to 200 copies
Lust Vessel, Japan.
Coming out soon.

The Japanese label Lust Vessel has proudly become one of the main distribution of print material by both solo projects CUBOP and ESPECTRA NEGRA. There will be archival volumes of past works and new album releases.

"Savage Justice" & "Cunt" are already to be order here:

Performance Art with music soundtrack by ESPECTRA NEGRA

Live in Leipzig, Germany.

Live in Mexico City

¨Ruinen und Schatten¨ ❘ Sound Art Project
@ Noche de Museos in Ex Teresa Arte Actual. 

Oblique Quartet ❘ Verónica Mota
@ Laboratorio Arte Alameda

Tron ❘ Pierre Borel ❘ Verónica Mota
@ VOLTA 25 - Sesiones de improvisación y experimentación sonora.

01.03 Live Concert

Avant-garde Noise @ Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City

Sharing stage with:



Mexico City

"Ruinen und Schatten"

Live presentation @ Noche de Museos in Ex Teresa Arte Actual

More infos:

1. November - Performance Art

URBAN ARTS BERLIN proudly presents:


An obscure and powerful Performance Art & Dance festival focus on 
DEATH RITUALS as a main concept.

Creative projects:

Alexa Wilson (New Zealand)

Yan Keller (Germany)

Annie Stubbs & Verónica Mota (UK/MX/Berlin)

Yvan Volochine (France)

Lady Gaby (Rumania/Australia)

More infos coming out soon.


Live Concert


Solo project by Verónica Mota who also operates under the name CUBOP in the avant-garde & underground noise scene Berlins. She is also musically active as THE SUBLIME/THE ABJECT, both duo projects with Jon Evans from Last Dominion Lost (AU). Occasionally collaborating with John Murphy (SPK) and Annie Stubbs (Sudden Infant/Devotion). Her sound works have won lots of attention in the past decade because of her prolific experience making sound art and disturbing music using analogue machinery, tapes and found objects. Espectra Negra is a very consequent project which focuses on Industrial & Ritualistic Noise.


Music project by Jan Kruml who also works as a photographer and radio DJ in Prague. Instinct Primal is his solo project which produces Dark Ambient & Experimental music.

Event infos:

29.09 Ruins: Urbe-Berlin ❘ Tape release ❘

@ Power Lunches Café
446 Kingsland Road
Hackney, E8 4AA


Ain Bailey 
Nelmarie Du Preez
Jon Evans
Alexander Heim  

Anthony Janas 
Egg Johnson
FUA (Tina Krekels and Tristan Clutterbuck) 

Marisol Malatesta
Parag Mital 

Verónica Mota 
Tom Mudd
Tom Richards  

Tim Spooner 
Bill Thompson 

London, 2013.


Bringing together over 50 seminal works and documentations from 1977 to 2013 including two new commissions conceived for the 19th century corrugated iron chapel in Kilburn. The exhibitions highlights are; Flor Cosmica, 1977 by Pola Weiss, Arriva y Adelante, 2013,  a video installation in four channels by Junajose Rivas, a light installation for an external wall by Ale De La Puente  and a sound installation for the tower of the Tin Tabernacle by Amanda Gutierrez, these last two works will be on display until the 24th of January 2014.

Histori(citas) will be presented as part of the exhibition, this is a project  by Amanda Gutierrez and Marie Roux  showing excerpts from the works of Guillermo Amato, Diana Maria Gonzales and Yair Lopez.

Curated by Javier Calderón with the collaboration of Marie Roux,
Antonio Arango, Amanda Gutierrez and Tom Richards.
Exhibition Programme:
24 September 6-9.30 pm
Private view and the performance Ruins: Urbe-Berlin
25 September 7-9.30 pm
Screening of the videos of Glyserina 1, 2 & 3
26 September 6-9.30 pm
Exhibition tour and a talk about the interception of art, science and technology in Mexico. Amanda Gutiérrez  talk  and screening the video "Time Topographies: Liverpool" 
27 of September 7-10 pm. Donation £2
International sound & music sessions featuring; Veronica Mota, Jon Evans, Anthony Janas plus Tom Richards and guests.

@ The Tin Tabernacle

12-16 Cambridge Avenue
Kilburn, London NW6 5BA

Kilburn Park, Bakerloo line
Kilburn High Rd, Overground