Solo live concert


Event curated by Occulto Magazine in collaboration with The Hum.

About Occulto Magazine:

Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas. It is edited, designed and published by Alice Cannava.

Occulto affirms the cultural value of scientific knowledge and the potential of an interdisciplinary approach opened to deviance and irony. Its research also questions past and present attempts to find shortcuts to knowledge (and power), the fascination towards the irrational and revealed truths.

What lies behind the insurmountable gap dividing humanities and science?
International Compilation

Sound works focused on analogue synthesizers as main sonic source.
To be released in 2016.

Film Screening

13. Internationales Film Festival Hannover

Greece, 2015.
15 Min.
Directed by: Giorgos Efthimiou
Starring: Dimitra Aggelou / Giorgos Efthimiou / Antouanetta Tatsi / Stavroula Kontopoulou Director of Photography: Kostas Drakakis Music Composer: Verónica Mota Script: Georgara Aliki.

20.November @ Cinema Pavillion 21 p.m.

Hannover, Germany.
Live Recording by Frank Lohmeyer @ SPEKTRUM, Berlin.

Verónica Mota (Mexico) played some selected compositions produced in the last decade including "43 Human Bodies" released on Synthesis Vol. 1 by Urban Arts Berlin in 2014. She will did some improvisation with a MS 20 & a DOEPFER Dark Energy, both monophonic analogue synthesizers.

Listen to the whole concert here:

Live solo concert

SYNTHESIS PART I: Maria G. (Greece) + Verónica Mota (Mexico)

12.November @ SPEKTRUM Art and Technology

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Synthesis is a serie of concerts curated by Urban Arts Berlin which brings together international composers who work professionally in the sonic field as musicians and sound artists.

The excellent project Synthesis includes two volume albums: Vol. 1 contains 45 tracks by international female composers from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the US.

Synthesis Vol. 2 is a mixed album with 31 musicians & sound artists from South Korea, Uruguay, Irland, Venezuela, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, France, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, the UK, Colombia, Itally, Canada and the US.

Both albums were released on bandcamp in 2014 and 2015. Urban Arts Berlin is now working on the printing of selected works in vinyl format which will be out in the coming months and released in a big event taking place in 2016.

Since both volumes got a very solid resonance Urban Arts Berlin booked some of the best sound artists who are part of the compilations. This live concerts are particularly interesting because the audience attending will get the chance to experience the contemporary meaning of sound art & music by some of the most relevant composers & musicians alive working professionally in the sonic field. From electro-acoustics to the use of analogue synthesizers, tapes, digital synths, recorder & ableton live, to give some technical examples. All the selected sound artists work combining constituent elements of separate material or abstract elements into a single or unified sonic entity which can be defined as sonic SYNTHESIS.

Music Compilation

"Negative State Of Politics"
International Noise Complation
Country: USA

Coming up soon.

Live solo concert

Collective Exhibition

"Is darkness not precisely an anonymous experience that is by definition impenetrable, something that is not directed at us and thus can not concern us?

On the contrary, the contemporary is the person who perceives the darkness of his time as something that concerns him, as something that never ceases to engage him.

Darkness is something that -more than any light- turns directly and singularly to ward him.

The contemporary is the one whose eyes are struck by the beam of darkness that comes from his own time."  G.A.


"One day I was painting, the color black invaded the entire surface of canvas, without forms, without contrast, without transparency. In this extreme, I saw in a way the negation of the color black.

The differences in textures reflected more or less dimly the light and of the dark emanated s clarity, a pictorial emotional power of which animate my desire to paint.

My instrument was no longer the color black,
but this secret light from the color black."



26.9 à 19H au New Palace de Marseille.

Live solo concert

Performance Art on Saturday, May 30 @ Organ kritischer Kunst

19:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB) Haus 5D
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119

FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015
13:00-16:00 hrs.
Public Interventions: The Here is There
Dorothea Schelegel Platz

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015
20:00-23:00 hrs.
Organ kritischer Kunst (OkK)
Prinzenallee 29 13359

Organized by: Hector Canonge

Participating Artists:
Shawn Escarciga (Mexico / United States), “Shanaynay.”
Angela Freiberger (Brazil / United States), “Bath’s house 7.”
José López (Mexico / Germany), “An American Nap.”
Oscar Martín (Spain / Germany), “In Between.”
Verónica Mota (Mexico / Germany) “The Age of Death and Despair.”
Verónica Peña (Spain / United States) “Alien of Extraordinary Ability.”
Emilio Rojas (Mexico / United States), “Glory of Western Civilization." 
Rodolfo Salpietra (Italy / United States), “Come Dine With Me.”
Isabel Soares (Brazil / Germany), “8 Km. or Some Water.”
Doris Steinbichler (Austria / Mexico), “The Scream.”
Sea Priestess

DJ set intelligence by sound artist Verónica Mota operating as Cubop & Espectra Negra
in the independent music scene Berlin's.

New independent film by the Greek director Giorgos Efthimiou
Music by Verónica Mota



Photos by Nicolas Ulloa.

A powerful night with some of the best female solo projects based in Berlin. 


Marta Zaparroli - Improvisation | Tapes
Espectra Negra - Analogue Electronics (including MS20) | Sacred Scream Voice & Laptop.
Anna Bolena     - Analogue & Digital Live Act
Angelic Sintesis - Analogue Electronics | Sound Objects

DJ-Ludi Oktokreuz

10.April @ Urban Spree, Berlin.

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