Record Release


An international music compilation from some of the best living sound artists working professionaly in the field of sonic art.

Format: Vinyl
Genre: Sound Art I Experimental
Price: 13 Euro + 6.50 Euro shipping
Label: Urban Arts Berlin
Year: 2016

Record release concerts on Friday, October the 14th.

Event page:


Live soundtrack

Friday 30.September
Warsaw, Poland.
Film starts at 19:00 p.m.


Ritualistic Performance Art

Ritualistic Performance Art Work at the Finissage of this excellent exhibition based on the magik & music of COIL. This presentation will happen on the 23rd of July and will be my blessing to the future of LUDWIG galerie space. All my love and respect to Peter Christopherson & John Balance for the great compositions and inspiration in my creative life.

Curator's Interview:
Curator Interview:

Event Page:

Evocative Sound Art

COVEN BERLIN wants to create an open sphere to deconstruct the assimilated social structures on sexuality and gender, to transmit a positive message on sex, 
to defy body politics, to transversally think about immigration, race and sex and 
to fight against mind-constricted stereotypes on sex and different gender expressions.

COVEN BERLIN is an open space where communication flows in multiple directions and we welcome all those interested to make contributions in whatever form of expression you feel most comfortable with.

Friday, 15th of July
@ Glogauerstr. 16
10999 Berlin, Germany
22 p.m. sharp

Video Art & Music

LUDWIKA No. 1: Femme Music Night

Video art, music and performance from the femme side of the spectrum hosted by Moldy Horse and Ceven Knowles featuring video artworks from Nicky Miller Julieta Triangular, Anna Ceeh, Marilyn Roxie, Sea Priestess Vero Mota and Kristie Alshaib.

Friday, 15th of July - 20 p.m.
@ Ludwig Galerie
Anzengruberstr. 3, 
12043 Neukölln, 
Berlin, Germany


Live Concert & Radio Presentation I Mexico City


Live Solo Concert @ Resistencia Modulada

Event organized by Radio UNAM.

New Solo Album

A serie of sonic tales that encompass an almost two decades journey not over yet.

„This a very personal album dedicated to my little son Fernando Blake born in Berlin“.

All sound works are produced as analogue and electro-acoustic synthesis. With music concrète elements, vocal performance & the excellent use of synths.

Sound Artist: CUBOP (Mexico City)
Format: High Digital Quality (FLAC)
Label: Urban Arts Berlin
Price: 5 Euro
Year: 2016

BRUITISME I Noise & Freedom Festival


The first "mini" Bruitisme was organized at Nancy. It was mayhem. Crazy night. The second was on the 12th of december in Lyon, France. Now we do the third and fourth in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

@ Unicornopium - Ziegrastrasse 17, tor 4
12 Hours of passion & horror non-stop!

Live Concert

The excellent project Synthesis curated by Urban Arts Berlin includes two volume albums: Vol. 1 contains 45 tracks by international female composers from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the US.

Synthesis Vol. 2 is a mixed album with 31 musicians & sound artists from South Korea, Uruguay, Irland, Venezuela, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, France, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, the UK, Colombia, Itally, Canada and the US.

Both albums were released on bandcamp in 2014 and 2015. Urban Arts Berlin is now working on the printing of selected works in vinyl format which will be out in the coming months and released in a big event taking place in 2016.

Live Concerts from selected sound artists.


Founded in 2010 in Berlin by female artists Chris Dreier (ex Tödliche Doris) and Ursula Döbereiner the noise duo initially played under custom-made white or black burqas and filled various galleries and venues with their aggressive industrial-elektro sound, occasionally using automatons. The band refers to noise, ambient and new music structures adding rhytmic patterns and tape mash-ups to their modular space trips.


Musician and sound designer from Mexico City currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, locational recording and music-concrete techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrack work for radio, film and performance, and, as Cubop, as a solo artist in her own right.

Thursday, 31. March

Lübbener Str. 19 – 10997 Berlin
(Corner Skalitzerstrasse / Wrangelstrasse)
U-Bahn: Schlesisches Tor or Görlitzer Banhof

Donation: 1-6 Euros

Concerts start at 21:00 p.m. sharp