A powerful night with some of the best female solo projects based in Berlin. 


Marta Zaparroli - Improvisation | Tapes
Espectra Negra - Analogue Electronics (including MS20) | Sacred Scream Voice & Laptop.
Anna Bolena     - Analogue & Digital Live Act
Angelic Sintesis - Analogue Electronics | Sound Objects

DJ-Ludi Oktokreuz

10.April @ Urban Spree, Berlin.

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Coming up this year.

International Compilation

Noise & Power Electronics by female and Trans musicians.

Espectra Negra will submit her clit power as a track.

Label: Urban Arts Berlin

The Followers Compilation

| Remix-works |
Machine Woman,
Espectra Negra,
Ames Henry,
Create Her,
and Zerfallmensch.

Label: End Fence
New York/Berlin  

Compilation edited by Julian Bonequi (Mexico City)
Label: Audition Records

1.- Verónica Mota | Analogue Electronics, tapes & objects.
2.- Anais Tuerlinckx |  Broken piano
3.- Ute Wassermann |  Birdcall whistles & resonance objects.
4.- Alexandra Cardenas |  Guitar & supercollider programming.
5.- Felicity Mangan | improvisation
6.- Roberta WJM | Mix, cd, md, mic & electronics.
7.- Els Vandeweyer | Trash guitar, percussion & voice. 

Cubop LIVE @ Neon Kunst, Berlin.

December 12, 2014.

Performance Art by Miriam Wuttke
Sound by Verónica Mota
For the opening of the exhibition "I Am Woman"
Curated by Antonio Manfredi
At CAM / Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy.


Photos by Petrov Ahner 

Synthesis Vol. 1 - On Air at PBS in Australia






The Sound Barrier by Ian Parsons: Playlist for Thursday 4 December 2014 


Also at The Ear Of The Behearer by Paul Kidney on Friday, 12 December 2014.

From 2:00 am  to 6:00 am Australian time.


International Compilation

Synthesis Vol. 1

This compilation contents an excellent collection of female sound artists & musicians working in the sonic field. It contents  a selection of 45 works by women from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Europe, Australia and the US. Certainly a must have.

Verónica Mota collaborated with a sound work titled:

"43 Dead Human Bodies"

Track dedicated to the tragic & gore situation happening in Mexico.

Label: Urban Arts Berlin

For ordering a print tape (selection of works) or buying the whole album just go here: