Live Evocative & Ritualistic Sound Art

COVEN BERLIN wants to create an open sphere to deconstruct the assimilated social structures on sexuality and gender, to transmit a positive message on sex, 
to defy body politics, to transversally think about immigration, race and sex and 
to fight against mind-constricted stereotypes on sex and different gender expressions.

COVEN BERLIN is an open space where communication flows in multiple directions and we welcome all those interested to make contributions in whatever form of expression you feel most comfortable with.

Friday, 22nd of July
@ Glogauerstr. 16
10999 Berlin, Germany
22 p.m. sharp

Live Concert & Radio Presentation I Mexico City


Live Solo Concert @ Resistencia Modulada

Event organized by Radio UNAM.

New Solo Album

A serie of sonic tales that encompass an almost two decades journey not over yet.

„This a very personal album dedicated to my little son Fernando Blake born in Berlin“.

All sound works are produced as analogue and electro-acoustic synthesis. With music concrète elements, vocal performance & the excellent use of synths.

Sound Artist: CUBOP (Mexico City)
Format: High Digital Quality (FLAC)
Label: Urban Arts Berlin
Price: 5 Euro
Year: 2016

BRUITISME I Noise & Freedom Festival


The first "mini" Bruitisme was organized at Nancy. It was mayhem. Crazy night. The second was on the 12th of december in Lyon, France. Now we do the third and fourth in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

@ Unicornopium - Ziegrastrasse 17, tor 4
12 Hours of passion & horror non-stop!

Live Concert

The excellent project Synthesis curated by Urban Arts Berlin includes two volume albums: Vol. 1 contains 45 tracks by international female composers from Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the US.

Synthesis Vol. 2 is a mixed album with 31 musicians & sound artists from South Korea, Uruguay, Irland, Venezuela, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, France, Poland, Mexico, Denmark, Israel, the UK, Colombia, Itally, Canada and the US.

Both albums were released on bandcamp in 2014 and 2015. Urban Arts Berlin is now working on the printing of selected works in vinyl format which will be out in the coming months and released in a big event taking place in 2016.

Live Concerts from selected sound artists.


Founded in 2010 in Berlin by female artists Chris Dreier (ex Tödliche Doris) and Ursula Döbereiner the noise duo initially played under custom-made white or black burqas and filled various galleries and venues with their aggressive industrial-elektro sound, occasionally using automatons. The band refers to noise, ambient and new music structures adding rhytmic patterns and tape mash-ups to their modular space trips.


Musician and sound designer from Mexico City currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, locational recording and music-concrete techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrack work for radio, film and performance, and, as Cubop, as a solo artist in her own right.

Thursday, 31. March

Lübbener Str. 19 – 10997 Berlin
(Corner Skalitzerstrasse / Wrangelstrasse)
U-Bahn: Schlesisches Tor or Görlitzer Banhof

Donation: 1-6 Euros

Concerts start at 21:00 p.m. sharp

Due to health issues Espectra Negra's new album "Alchemy & Death" was delayed but will be out soon in high quality format (FLAC) on the bandcamp page and printed in tape format in the coming two months by Lust Vessel in Japan. This album will include a visual collage by French graphic designer Julien Kafard for an specific track dedicated to all gore female deaths happening in Mexico since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed by Canada, The USA and Mexico in 1994. Situation which dramatically increased with the actual War On Drugs.

For pre-orders contact:

[This album is dedicated to John Murphy R.I.P. and his wife Annie Stubbs]


"The world is magical; we might get a sense of this after climbing a mountain and looking down upon the landscape below, or in the quiet satisfaction at the end of one of those days when everything has gone right for us. Alchemy is a doorway through which we step into mystery, wildness, and immanence.

Alchemy is about change. Changing your circumstances so that you strive to live according to a developing sense of personal responsibility; that you can effect change around you if you choose; that we are not helpless cogs in some clockwork universe. All acts of personal/collective liberation are alchemical acts. Alchemy leads us into exhilaration and ecstasy; into insight and understanding; into changing ourselves and the world in which we participate. Through alchemy we may come to explore the possibilities of freedom." Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine.


We are born as a result of Death. In the experience of birth we have to fight together with our mother's efforts to survive the dark journey of coming to existence. Once we are out of the womb we will be coursed by an eternal cycle in which things constantly move. There is only one thing stable: change. Once out we all begin a very short journey in which we all are constantly in pain. We learn to suffer, to cause pain and to walk pointing out everyone our egocentric "I". The despair we constantly try to avoid comes and goes as it pleases. Many of us satisfy its anger through alienation, brutal violence, the will to rule or the mediocre acceptance of self-pity hypocrisy. None of this is something new. Nevertheless, what seems to be coming back in this new Mayan Era is the acceptance of our dark side, the honesty after thousands of rapes and killings, the pedophiliac tendencies finally being spoken, our collective dementia screaming laud is time to stop! Yes, we have failed as human race and yet we still possess the inherent power of Alchemy & Death.

ABOUT LUST VESSEL Japanese cult Label

"We approve uncompromising titles only and definitely focusing on Post-Mortem, Old-School Industrial, Power Electronics, Ritual / Esoteric Musick, Noise and the outlaws, we and you can trust us…

strictly tough material
with convincing contents
accompanied with quality productions
from enthusiastic acts and labels
holding aloft severe policy
substantiated firm attitude
standing on the abyss of actual life.

The formats in which we deal are only cassette, vinyl, cd, dvd/dvd-r, vhs, book, zine, printing matter in principle.

The glory of D.I.Y.

Viva Industrial Culture."


A dark night of experimentation, vocal paganism & ritualistic noise.

Thursday 18.Feb.2016


Italian-born and originally trained as a pianist and a singer, Vera Bremerton was influenced by classical music in terms of harmony and polyphony; after moving to London she fell in love with the harshest styles of industrial, noise, avantgarde music. With these two different roots in mind she creates aggressive electronic sonic carpets studded with pounding techno beats and unashamedly symphonic elements. At the same time she has dramatically extended her vocal skills in the realm of experimental vocalism: counting Diamanda Galàs, Maria Callas and Meredith Monk among her muses, Vera uses different timbres, effects and an 4-octaves vocal range. Her songs have become a vessel for the irrational and the Dionysian and she has performed them in clubs around the UK, Italy, Germany and Holland. She has released two albums, “Elemental” and “Synaptica”. Recently Vera has shifted to a feminist techno-noise side project called Viy. By means of multiple layers of harsh techno beats, noise drones, strident samples of high-pitched screams, Viy wants to denounce the indifference and hypocrisy the issue of sexual abuse is treated with by the media, religion and the public. These tracks have been highly successful in several techno nights.


Solo project by Verónica Mota who also operates as Cubop (active since 2005) in the underground industrial noise & avant-garde scene Berlin's. Her first album "Savage Justice" was released at Schlagstrom festival 2013 which is one of the best industrial festivals in Germany. This album got such an excellent resonance that she has become now one of the best international female (solo) noise & industrial projects including Pharmakon(US), Puce Mary (DK) or Dry Greed(UK), to mention some. What makes her sound works authentic is her constant sonic research on Shamanic and Ritualistic music. A fascinating tool she uses to exorcise her audience.
This year Espectra Negra's second album "Alchemy & Death" is certainly very promising, and it will be release by the cult Japanese label Lust Vessel who offered her a permanent contract (home label) from 2014 on. She has a large amount of sound works as Cubop which are now been printed also by Lust Vessel as a Three Volume Archival Works. Her printed releases are plenty including a tribute compilation to COIL (UK).
Currently Espectra Negra is working on a split tape with Instinct Primal (dark ambient master) from Czech Republic, and also a new one with the legend solo project TZII from Belgium.


"The slow loris species is considered vulnerable or endangered. They are believed to be the gatekeepers for the heavens and are used in traditional medicine to ward off evil but a slow loris's life is not a happy one, for it is continually seeing ghosts; that is why it hides its face in its hands."
Slow Slow Loris played their debut show at the Schlagstrom Festival 2014 and is part of its compilation CD. As well as playing several shows in the Berlin underground scene, they made a brief but well-received US east cost tour, played several European cities, and recently finished a US west coast tour. They just released their first Slow Slow Loris album, From Monster till Mourning on Staaltape. Both ANY and G6PD have a long history of touring, recording and performing.

Event page:

@ Lauschangriff
Rigaer Str. 103,
10247 Berlin,



Polyphones is a space of visibility created for and by women in the field of sonic and musical experimentation.

This is a network born out of the reality of the Parisian scene with national and international offshoots. Polyphones aims to promote an artistic practice, through concrete actions, such as, organising concerts, events, workshops, skill sharing, pooling resources and promoting independant labels and micro-publications.

Polyphones is present locally and virtually and manifests itself as a regular fixture in different contexts and proposals. It is a project initiated by Dinah Bird, Marie Lisel, Gaël Segalen, Valérie Vivancos and Christine Webster.

Salon d’écoute : Headphone listening session.
Jules Wysocki lends the Polyphones his Sous Casques installation for a headphone listening session, featuring works by:


Saturday, December the 12th. Paris, France.


13h00 : Workshop by Christine Webster.
An introduction to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) freeware, MAX/MSP and analogic modular synthesisers.

Bring your USB sticks.

14h00 : concert - Christine Webster

14h30 : concert - Hildegarde von Stick

15h00 : Round table discussion with the Polyphones + Hildegarde von Stick + Christine Groult + Anaïs Prosaic Par Skype/ : Liz Dobson - Cat Hope - Alma G Ferrer + Verónica Mota

16h30 : Screening : éliane radigue, l'écoute virtuose by Anaïs Prosaïc, an intimate portrait of one of the pioneers of electronic music, (France, 2011, 61', La Huit Distribution)

18h00 : Concert/jam with all the participants.