International Compilation

Synthesis Vol. 1 

43 Dead Human Bodies - Sound Work by Verónica Mota

Track dedicated to the tragic & gore situation happening in Mexico.

This compilation contents an excellent collection of female musicians from
Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela, Europe & The US. A must for contemporary music collectors.

Released by Urban Arts Berlin

Video of a perfromance art work

Due to the strong impact "The Land Of Death" got as a live body ritualistic work, it will be now filmed and edited as video by an underground film crew from Berlin. More infos in the near future.

Live solo concert

Urban Arts Berlin proudly presents:

A night of dark ambient & live experimentations by three female soloists based in Berlin.

CUBOP (Mexico City)

Musician and sound designer from Mexico City currently working in Berlin. Her works encompass analogue and digital synthesis, locational recording and music-concrete techniques, often displaying her proficiency at playing a variety of instruments. She has produced a large body of soundtrack work for radio, film and performance, and, as Cubop, as a solo artist in her own right.

Since 2012 she also operates as Espectra Negra in the underground industrial-noise scene. Both solo projects have being released in print format by Urban Arts Berlin and Lust Vessel, Japan. 


Audio and visual artist from Warsaw who works behind the Singing Kitchen project which mixes analogue electronic instruments with live cooking - also known as Coocking Performance-. Kasia Justka has presented a serie of installations, created her own audio divices and has played live since she moved to Berlin about six years ago.


Music producer, promoter and video maker she has taken part in several international music and video festivals.

In 1995 she started as a techno DJ in the free parties on the alternative scene in Italy and around Europe.

She has an eclectic and experimental approach to both her live and DJ sets; a non-conformist with a socio-political narrative around radical ideas in art and organization.

She has run the label Idroscalo Dischi since 1999 and since 2005 the Video Production Idroscalo Digitale.

She has a degree in psychology and a masters in neurolinguistic programming and communication.

Since 2004 she has lived in Berlin. She began her DJ residencies at Homopatik and ://about blank club in 2110 and released her latest vinyl in June 2014.

Event page:  

New album in tape format

Espectra Negra (DE)
Instinct Primal (CZ)


Tape Format C-20
Limited to 50 copies
10 Euro + shipping
Pre-order on-line possible

Link will be published soon.
Cover by Sasha Sakir

Ritualistic performance

In this creative work the musician and sound artist will mix her sonic
shamanic agenda with a body ritualistic work based on her Aztec and
Olmec ancestors. This performance is dedicated to all the civil victims
of the US-Mexican War On Drugs.

Monday, September the 8th.
@ FESTIVUS Berlin Neukölln
Reservation needed:

01.September @ Madame Claude

Urban Arts Berlin proudly presents:

SVARTVIT (Holland)

Svartvit is a Dutch harsh noise project that was started in 2008 by sound artist Kevin Jansen. Svartvit takes influences from a wide spectrum including Vienna Aktionism, socio-political topics, underground punk music, Russian constructivism as well as his contemporaries like Sword Heaven, The Rita, Prurient & Vomir. 

ESPECTRA NEGRA (Mexico City/Berlin)

Solo project by Verónica Mota who also operates internationally under the name CUBOP. This new side project focuses on the sonic production of Industrial & Ritualistic Noise. Her first two albums printed in tape format (self-released) are certainly a must have. „SAVAGE JUSTICE“ (released at SCHLAGSTROM FESTIVAL last year) and „CUNT“ got both an excellent resonance. The last copies are now to be found by Lust Vessel Distribution in Japan. This label will release her new coming album "ALCHEMY & DEATH" coming out this year. Espectra Negra ocasionally collaborates with John Murphy (SPK) and Annie Stubbs (Sudden Infant/Devotion). 


Work in progress


To be released by Lust Vessel (Japan) in winter 2014.

Cover (Photo) by Natasha Mediator

Audio/Video project @ open studios FUNKHAUS

"Hysteria Dream"

Collaborative audio-video work by CUBOP and LYNOLEUM
shown at the FUNKHAUS in Berlin, Germany.

New printed release

CUBOP ❘ "Viva La Muerte" ❘ Archival Works Vol. 1
Tape format
C-32 Black
Limited to 200 copies
Lust Vessel, Japan.
Coming out soon.

The Japanese label Lust Vessel has proudly become one of the main distribution of print material by both solo projects CUBOP and ESPECTRA NEGRA. There will be archival volumes of past works and new album releases.

"Savage Justice" & "Cunt" are already to be order here:

Performance Art with music soundtrack by ESPECTRA NEGRA

Live in Leipzig, Germany.

Live in Mexico City

¨Ruinen und Schatten¨ ❘ Sound Art Project
@ Noche de Museos in Ex Teresa Arte Actual. 

Oblique Quartet ❘ Verónica Mota
@ Laboratorio Arte Alameda

Tron ❘ Pierre Borel ❘ Verónica Mota
@ VOLTA 25 - Sesiones de improvisación y experimentación sonora.

01.03 Live Concert

Avant-garde Noise @ Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City

Sharing stage with:



Mexico City

"Ruinen und Schatten"

Live presentation @ Noche de Museos in Ex Teresa Arte Actual

More infos: