Images evoked by Psycho Mechanic.

I had three distinct, but related images which created a story about the difference between eternity and temporality.

In the first part, I imagined a ball of white light representing the higher frequency in your mix. This light was eternity. This eternal ball of light was soaring through the universe (a universe of space and time and spacelessness and timelessness).  The other sounds that you were creating reminded me of things happening in time.  The eternity ball flew past them, and though eternity could observe the things in time, the things in time could not perceive eternity or see or hear the ball of light screaming past them all the time.

In the second part, my fantasy was similar, except that the temporal sounds were happier.  It is as if the first musical section represented the horrors and sadness of the world, but the second section revealed the happier and more joyful things in time.  Eternity in both cases was more or less just there - not making any judgments.

The last daydream you invoked in me involved a very complicated thought process which is hard for me to explain (or even remember) right now.  I think it was kind of like a transformation between eternity and the present.  Where I was able to see how they are the same.

Anyway, that's the trip you took me on.

David Lee.

Composition presented at Salon Bruit, Berlin.

  Psycho Mechanic by Verónica Mota AKA Cubop