Performance Art on Saturday, May 30 @ Organ kritischer Kunst

19:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Meinblau e.V. (MPA-HUB) Haus 5D
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119

FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015
13:00-16:00 hrs.
Public Interventions: The Here is There
Dorothea Schelegel Platz

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015
20:00-23:00 hrs.
Organ kritischer Kunst (OkK)
Prinzenallee 29 13359

Organized by: Hector Canonge

Participating Artists:
Shawn Escarciga (Mexico / United States), “Shanaynay.”
Angela Freiberger (Brazil / United States), “Bath’s house 7.”
José López (Mexico / Germany), “An American Nap.”
Oscar Martín (Spain / Germany), “In Between.”
Verónica Mota (Mexico / Germany) “The Age of Death and Despair.”
Verónica Peña (Spain / United States) “Alien of Extraordinary Ability.”
Emilio Rojas (Mexico / United States), “Glory of Western Civilization." 
Rodolfo Salpietra (Italy / United States), “Come Dine With Me.”
Isabel Soares (Brazil / Germany), “8 Km. or Some Water.”
Doris Steinbichler (Austria / Mexico), “The Scream.”